Epic camping

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How to create a new typescript project using webpack 3

Hello again guys.This time we will create a typescript project using webpack 3.The typescript version I use in this example is 2.4.2 which is the latest typescript version at the time I am writing this article.I had the idea for creating this article while watching a great tutorial about javascript...


Hackerrank for testing your programming skills!

Hackerrank is a great site I have recently discovered, with many programming exercises for new and experienced developers. The exercises are not created strictly from programming languages, but the user can find a broad collection of interesting topics like Artificial Intelligence, Security, Mathematics and much more. I have tried the...


Adobe CC cheat sheet

2017 Adobe Creative Cloud Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet Adobe CC Cheat Sheet

Java Inheritance and Polymorphism

Java Inheritance and Polymorphism

This is an article about basic inheritance and polymorphism in Java Programming Language.Let's start by creating a class hierarchy based on animals in a zoo.First we create the Animal base class.The central idea is that we have a group of animals living inside a zoo.This group of animals consists of...


Create your own maven archetype

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Maven is a great build automation tool. It describes how software is built and of course it describes its dependencies. The only problem that arises from its use is the limited variety of its archetypes and the existence of old dependency versions inside the poms of these archetypes. I am...

Vaadin logo

Vaadin Framework

Vaadin framework is a java web framework for building web applications rapidly. The final outcome is really nice and the coding style resembles java swing. You can even find a recent comparison of the most popular java web frameworks here. So in this article we will see how we can...