Perl tips

– Variable Interpolation This is a classic between many programming languages. When we use a double quoted string, for every variable that we put inside the string , we get variable’s value as part of the output when we execute our script. For example : #!/usr/bin/perl #script1 use 5.012; my $name = “Stavros”; print “My […]

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Mac OS Lion 10.7.2 memory problems

As I was working using firefox I noticed the appearance of the well known ‘beach ball’ that shows that the operating system is struggling to acquire resources. Immediately I ran Activity Monitor to see what is going on. Here is the table with the processes that I’ve got after running Activity Monitor Utility: (The picture […]

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Command Line

Executing our first script

Today we’ll see how to run our first program from the command line. First we should be in our home directory. To do that type : > echo $HOME In my case, executing this command has the following result: /Users/myUserName   Now we must select a directory for the script we want to execute. When […]

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