Hello again guys.
This time we will create a typescript project using webpack 3.
The typescript version I use in this example is 2.4.2 which is the latest typescript version at the time I am writing this article.

I had the idea for creating this article while watching a great tutorial about javascript and webpack.

The requirements to follow this article is to have NodeJS platform installed in your system (I prefer the LTS version).
I am using MacOS, I have already installed NodeJS and I used homebrew package manager to install nvm (a nodejs version manager).

First let’s open WebStorm and create a new Empty Project :

File –> New –> Project

Here we select Empty Project and we write a name for our project in the place of the untitled string in the path (mine is /Users/administrator/WebstormProjects/untitled).
I have chosen to name this project WebpackTypescript1.

You can find this project here : https://github.com/skiabox/WebpackTypescript1

The first move after the Empty Project creation is to open a terminal window inside WebStorm.
There we write :

npm init –yes

to create our package.json file.

We are ready now to install our development npm packages.
Write the following :

npm install –save-dev css-loader style-loader ts-loader tslint tslint-loader typescript webpack webpack-dev-server

Our next step is about creating the css folder of the project under src using webstorm.
Inside css folder we create two css files.

main.css :

input-elements.css :

Moving on with this project this is the perfect moment to create the index.html file that will use these 2 css files.
As you can clearly see there is no reference to these 2 css files inside the html code because we will import them from inside the typescript code!
Let’s get started.

Create an index.html file at the root folder of our project:

Ok now it’s a good time to use add some configuration files for typescript and tslint :

Type at the terminal line:

tslint –init

and use the following tslint.json file

After that try at the terminal line:

tsc --init

and use the following tsconfig.json file

Now it is a good time to create our webpack.config.js file inside our root folder.
Create the file and copy the following code into it:

Next let’s create a js folder and then we will create two files inside them.

dom-loader.ts :

and app.ts :

The only remaining piece of code is to add a couple of scripts inside our package.json file that contains all our dependencies we installed earlier.
So use this package.json file :

We are nearly finished now.
Just type at the command line the following:

npm run build

For any questions you might have don’t hesitate to answer below my post!

3 thoughts on “How to create a new typescript project using webpack 3

  1. Nice direct, to-the-point article! Coincidentally setting up my own TypeScript Webpack setup lately, just curious what’s the reason for including 2 webpack loaders both using ts-loader in the way you’ve implemented in your Webpack config? Thanks!

    1. Thank you for commenting on my post.
      I am using ts-loader only once in my webpack.config.js
      If you mean the two css loaders (style-loader and css-loader) this is the way it works if you want to import css from your javascript/typescript code and the order is important because webpack uses css-loader first.

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